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Whole Foods Market Allentown partners with Local Brewery to Bake Bread

November 8th, 2016 | ,

Fegley’s Brew Works Spent Grains used in Artisan Breads for a Unique Flavor

whole-foods-marketAllentown, PA November 1, 2016 – Fegley’s Brew Works, an environmentally conscious award-winning brewery and restaurant serving craft microbrews, recently announced a partnership with Whole Foods Market, the nation’s leading natural and organic food retailer. The new partnership emerges to create locally sourced bakery items using spent grain from the brewing process.

The recently opened Allentown Whole Foods Market looked to partner with a brewery that could provide locally sourced and responsibly raised ingredients, and in turn, contacted Fegley’s Brew Works to use their spent grain in their artisan breads and rolls.

The process to make the bread is no different than any other bread, the difference is in the flavor. “The sugars get extracted from the grain during the brewing process but the flavors remain in the grain,” said Michael Wieboldt, Brew Master at Fegley Brew Works. “When the spent grain bread is made using a Steelworkers’ Oatmeal Stout or the Pawnshop Porter, you can taste the unique flavor of the craft beer in every bite.”

fegleys-spent-grainWhole Foods Market launched the partnership by allowing customers to sample the spent grain bread on opening day. “Customers were roaming the store looking for the spent grain bread,” said Ryan Alabaugh, Whole Foods Market Associate Coordinator. “From day one, we haven’t had enough bread. Which is such a cool problem when you’re running a bakery.”

Whole Foods Markets uses 100% organic flour and 100% organic wheat flour in 90% of their bread, so partnering with Fegley’s Brew Works, who uses natural ingredients in their craft beers and menu items, was the perfect match. You can find Fegley’s Spent Grains in loafs and rolls at Allentown Whole Foods Market, and keep a lookout for the spent grains in deli sandwiches in the future.About Fegley’s Brew Works

Fegley’s Brew Works includes two environmentally conscious award-winning breweries and restaurants located in the Lehigh Valley. Family owned and operated since 1998, Fegley’s serves craft microbrews and sustainable, locally sourced foods powered by 42-Kilowatt solar array and 100% green energy sources, Fegley’s proudly anchors Allentown and Bethlehem with multi-level restaurants, outdoor dining, festivals, banquets, and events. To learn more about Fegley’s Brew Works, visit fegleysbrewworks.com


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