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At Fegley’s Brew Works we celebrate our Mug Club Members and thank them for their loyal patronage over the years.

Members receive their own 22-ounce limited edition, collector’s numbered mug.

Mug Club Members receive EXCLUSIVE Mug Club rewards and bonuses throughout the year on events, festivals, food, beer, and so much more.


Tapping Bonus

When we tap a new seasonal draft, you will automatically receive a single use promo code for the specific beer (valid for use within 7 days of tapping). Plus, now we plan to surprise you with some free tappings of our Flagships mixed in! 

Volume Discount is on track and as strong as ever! Fill your 22oz personalized Mug for the same as a regularly priced pint. (valid on all Fegley draft beer served in pints)

BOGO Growler promo emailed monthly!

BOGO Crowler promo emailed bi-weekly!

And when the price goes down for our Flagships at Happy Hour, your BIG mug goes down in price too! 



You will get to keep the 22oz collectible mug at the end of the year.

You will always get 25% off all regular retail purchases all the time. Wear and share the good taste of the Brew Works!

You will get discounted room charges for your private parties hosted at the Brew Works!

Free Birthday Meal! Celebrate with us and we’ll treat you right! Exclusive $20 value for Mug Club Members.

Invitation to Mug Club Parties!


Visit based rewards are going away. We will however still review total sales and total visits to track our leaders in the club. Points based rewards will replace visit rewards.

$5 off case purchases (Regularly priced Brew Works retail Beer)

Mugger Mondays ½ Price Burgers and ½ Apps after 9pm

½ Appetizers in the Steelgaarden


We are now tracking points with our Toast Point-of-Sale system. Earn points for every dollar spent at Fegley’s Brew Works. 

Sign-Up for Allentown Rewards Sign-Up for Bethlehem Rewards


The honorary awards will always be named at the Great Mug Auction of 2022

Mug Club Shop Steward

The Mug Club Member with the highest number of visits at the end of the year will be named Shop Steward and have their name (or their nickname) emblazoned on a plaque for all to marvel at.

In addition to this notoriety, they will be privileged to nominate a new Mug Club Member of their choice to one of the available mugs before the Great Mug Auction of 2022.

Mug Club Union President

The Mug Club Member with the highest dollar sales at the end of the year will be named Union President and will have their name (or nickname) emblazoned on a plaque for all to marvel at.

In addition to this notoriety, they will be privileged to have at their disposal: The Union President’s Mug. A special “extra” mug to offer to their ‘significant other’ drinking buddy while the President is here.

Union Members

The “Top 10” Union members (highest sales), of the previous year will receive a $50 gift card the day of the new Mug Club Auction, as reimbursement for their Mug Club renewal.

All Benefit Policies & Prices are subject to change. The Brew Works reserves the right to revoke any membership at any time for any reason. No discounts, points or promos have real cash value, and they may expire at any time for any reason. All Promos and discounts are non-transferable.


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