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Fegley’s Brew Works Goes “Beyond Organic”

August 19th, 2016 |

New Partnership with Breakaway Farms provides Fegley’s with locally sourced responsibly raised ingredients

Fegley’s Brew Works, an environmentally conscious award-winning brewery and restaurant serving craft microbrews, recently announced a partnership with Breakaway Farms. This partnership allows Fegley’s to continue to provide healthy menu items, while aligning to their mission to use green and locally sourced, responsibly raised ingredients. Breakaway Farms goes “Beyond Organic” by raising animals in their natural habitat, free from chemicals.

Fegley’s faced the challenge of finding a local farm large enough to satisfy volume requirements for their two Lehigh Valley restaurants, that could also maintain quality and sustainable farming practices that met their high standards. Breakaway Farms, and their “Beyond Organic” method that goes above and beyond the standards of organic farming, was an ideal solution.

“We believe that how an animal is raised should reflect its natural habitat and by definition it says a lot about the people rearing and ultimately consuming it,” said Farmer Nate Thomas, Owner and Farmer at Breakaway Farms. “Our farms are an orchestra where we regularly rotate the animals into their intended environments. This means that the cows eat lots and lots of fresh, chemical-free green grass and the pigs get to root and wallow. ”

Beyond organic farming includes a specific protocol. All ruminants must be 100 percent grass fed and finished. Allowed supplemental feeds are limited to raw mother’s milk, perennial grasses, legumes, forbs and brose, annual forages, molasses, salt, sea kelp and minerals. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are prohibited. It is also paramount that animals are handled with care and that their environment will protect them from stress. All hormones, antibiotics and artificial growth stimulants are strictly prohibited. Lastly, animals are free range and locally sourced.

“Trust is the key here because you can’t regulate integrity,” said Farmer Nate. “From day one, we attached ourselves to the phrase Beyond Organic. We feel that it encompasses our vision greater than any other popular tag, but really, the proof is in the eating. We know that you can taste the difference and we invite you to come try it out.”

For more information about Fegley’s Brew Works and their partnership with Breakaway Farms, please visit

About Fegley’s Brew Works

Fegley’s Brew Works includes two environmentally conscious award-winning breweries and restaurants located in the Lehigh Valley. Family owned and operated since 1998, Fegley’s serves craft microbrews and sustainable, locally sourced foods powered by 42-Kilowatt solar array and 100% green energy sources, Fegley’s proudly anchors Allentown and Bethlehem with multi-level restaurants, outdoor dining, festivals, banquets, and events. To learn more about Fegley’s Brew Works, visit



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