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Perk up with our Bourbon Barrel Imperial Coffee Stout

March 16th, 2017 |

Brewed with 160 pounds of coffee and aged in freshly dumped Woodford Reserve barrels, Fegley’s next upcoming release is a stout lover’s dream. This silky smooth coffee stout will give even the biggest coffee addicts quite the perk, but it won’t be around for long!

How to enjoy:

Serve in a snifter or a small flight glass. At 13% ABV, this beer is the perfect nightcap or decadent dessert.

What to expect:

Dark, silky-smooth espresso coffee flavor with a bourbon kick. Coffee forward with hints of chocolate and caramel lending a full bodied, roasted note. Finishes with a satisfying warmth from the high ABV.

Style: imperial stout
ABV: 13%
IBUs: 60
Malts: Chocolate, Crystal, Pale, Roasted Barley
Hops: CTZ, East Kent Golding

Where to grab yours:

A limited number of 12 oz bottles are available for purchase on our online store, for in store pickup only on April 2nd. When you place your order, make sure you specify pick up at either our Allentown or Bethlehem locations. Pre-order your bottles now!

Bet you can’t have just one!

Now, since this will not be sold again, we would suggest buying a few bottles. Here’s a list of reasons why you should grab at least two:

  1. Makes a great gift for a beer geek
  2. Drink one now, age one for later (you’ll thank us later)
  3. This brew is the perfect addition to your specialty beer collection. Buy a few to enjoy and then save one as a keepsake.
  4. Your sweetheart might be mad when you bring home a beer and didn’t get them one (please no breakups over this beer!)
  5. Once you try this, you’ll want another… and another… and another… and another…
  6. Makes for a great Mother’s day present for the mom that loves beer way more than chocolate – and it’s a much more thoughtful present too! Or, if your mother is a chocolate fan, get her tickets to our Chocolate Festival on April 22nd.

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