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6 Wedding Costs that are Totally Worth the Money

January 30th, 2017 |

We all know weddings can take a devastating toll on our wallets, especially when we see all of these beautiful have-to-have wedding ideas on Pinterest and Facebook. Choosing what’s actually worth the splurge for your perfect day can be overwhelming for not only yourself, but your bank account too. Check out these 6 wedding expenses that are totally worth the investment.

1. The Perfect Venue

The venue sets the stage for the whole event. Investing in a great venue paves the way for a memorable night from start to finish. Choosing the right size, location, and style can really elevate your event.

2. Entertainment & Night Life

Nothing kills the party like a bad DJ playing songs like the YMCA and the Chicken Dance all night. An experienced DJ who can read the crowd and select music that will get everyone on the dance floor is crucial.

3. Lighting

Dynamic lighting can transform your space and influence your guests’ experience throughout the entire evening. Set the stage for your guests to have a great time by investing in attractive and functional lighting. Plus, excellent lighting makes for great photos!

4. Photography/Videography

Photos are one of the only parts of your wedding you’ll have long after the night is over. Make sure you hire a high-quality photographer or videographer to capture everything about your special day that you want to remember forever, and some things you may have even missed. Believe us, you’ll want pictures of your Uncle Mikey break dancing at your wedding.

5. Good Eats!

Providing your guests with a delicious meal doesn’t necessarily mean you need a gourmet, three-course dinner. Invest the money in a meal using fresh, delicious ingredients. You can even think out-of-the-box and splurge on something unique, such as a dessert bar or late-night snacks for the end of the reception when everyone has worked up an appetite from dancing.

6. The Dancing Juice

An open bar is the best way to keep your guests happy and keep the party going all night. If a full open bar is beyond your budget, consider offering unlimited beer, wine and a signature cocktail.

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