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Fegley's Imperial Coffee Stout to be Released June 17th!

June 10th, 2015 | , ,

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Allentown PA – At 5pm on June 17th, Fegley’s Brew Works will release their long awaited “Imperial Coffee Stout” at the Allentown Brew Works location. The brew will be available on draft in limited quantities. Twelve ounce bottles may also be available depending on the amount remaining after pre sale, which began June 6th.

When asked to describe the Imperial Coffee Stout in three words, Fegley’s Brewmaster Beau Baden responded, “big, bold, beautiful.” It was brewed with more than 160 pounds of New Harvest brand organic, fair-trade coffee beans, molasses and vanilla and cellared for over a year allowing the Stout to mellow.

17% ABV

This Imperial Coffee Stout is a huge beer weighing in at 17% ABV with an original gravity of 1.134. When Fegley’s Brewmaster Beau Baden was asked why he brewed such a big beer he replied, “we wanted to make something ridiculously extreme, with a coffee theme, to push our boundaries, to make the biggest, strongest beer we’ve ever done.”

The Stout has a sweet yet balanced mouthfeel, rich in body, with essence of raisin, chocolate and fig. Four yeast strains were added to the the brew, finishing with a champagne yeast to add a dry balance to this sweet and heady Stout. The high octane 17% ABV was derived from 400 pounds of brown sugar and an intense amount of chocolate, roasted barley, oats and caramel malts.

Over the years, Fegley’s Brew Works has given many of their high gravity beers creative, fanciful names: Hop’solutely, Devious, and Insidious among others. Many names for the Stout were considered and when asked why the void of a fanciful name, owner Jeff Fegley said “It has a name, ‘Fegley’s Brew Works Imperial Coffee Stout’. We felt that no other name could do this beer justice. The beer really speaks for itself.”


Fegley’s hasn’t typically packaged small quantity, one-off specialty brews in 12oz bottles and there are presently no plans to brew the beer again. Due to the exclusivity of the Imperial Coffee Stout, they decided to open up an online pre sale to give consumers an opportunity to partake in this ‘big, bold, beautiful’ brew. Individual 12oz bottles and Father’s Day Stout & Glassware Combo Packs can be reserved at:

Fegley’s Brew Works has been honored throughout its seventeen years with accolades for their food and drink as well as their community involvement. They are dedicated to sustainable business practices by recycling, upcycling, and composting waste material. Their breweries and brewpubs are run by 100% renewable energy sources and Fegley’s strives to use locally sourced, all-natural, responsibly raised ingredients for their menus to serve food and beer as good as nature intended it.


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