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Belgian Tripel Being Poured

June 25th, 2015 | , ,

IMG_0394 (1)Fegley’s Brew Works just tapped their Belgian Tripel at both the Allentown and Bethlehem Brew Works. One of Brewmaster Beau Baden’s favorite brews,  Belgian Tripel is a Belgian style strong ale with hints of pear and green apple. Golden in color with a smooth finish and a deceptively well hidden alcohol strength. The beer weighs in at 8% ABV, 1.078 OG, and 20 IBU.

“The term Tripel comes from the Low Countries – that is, the modern Netherlands and Belgium. The modern origin of tripels lies in Belgium, in the 1930s. Westmalle released a beer under the name Superbier. It was a strong ale and was very likely based on a beer the monks had been brewing sporadically since 1931. In 1956 they renamed it Tripel, and the popularity of that brand ensured the name is still strongly associated with the Westmalle brewery.[6][7] In 1956, the recipe was modified by Brother Thomas, the head brewer of Westmalle,[8] by the addition of more hops, and it then took on the name Tripel, and it has remained essentially unchanged since.” READ MORE FROM WIKIPEDIA


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