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Fegley's Space Monkey Has Landed!

March 6th, 2015 | , , , ,

Fegley’s Space Monkey is available now on draft and in 12oz bottles at Allentown and Bethlehem Brew Works. The raspberry saison, farmhouse ale is a favorite among Brew Works patrons. Made with real raspberry and formulated to rocket around your palate with a 21st century complexity in flavor and aroma, hints of lemon and pepper orbit around a raspberry tartness to guarantee a successful flight.

Space Monkey is ready for launch right now on draft – cork and caged bottles are coming soon and may be cellared for several years to allow for maturity and deep space nuances. Let the mission begin with Belgian pilsner & wheat malts and a live Saison yeast strain fueled by 300lbs of raspberries. No artificial flavors are ever added to Fegley’s Brew Works beers. We use only all-natural ingredients and source organic ingredients whenever possible.

ABV 7% | IBU 25 | O.G. 1.070

Why the name Space Monkey?

“Shot him off in a rocket where no man would go!” – John Prine

Michael Fegley (brother of owners Jeff and Rich Fegley) and Brewmaster Beau Baden collaborated on the name “Space Monkey” – both being fans of American country/folk artist John Prine and wanting to keep the monkey surname after brewing and bottling “Monkey Wrench Saison”.

John Prine wrote the song titled “Space Monkey” about 25 years ago and Mike and Beau thought it would be a great fit. Mike contacted John Prine’s camp when he heard that John was coming to Reading, PA in September 2010. With Space Monkey Raspberry Saison bottles to offer as a gift, and backstage passes in hand, Mike and Beau were excited to meet with the singer-songwriter that inspired the name of their beer.

Click below to listen to the song “Space Monkey” John Prine with an introduction that includes a shout-out to Fegley’s Brew Works. and lyrics to the song:


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