2013 Fegley's Craft Beer Festival is Rollin' in the Barrels!

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On December 7th, 2013 from 12pm-8pm, Fegley’s Brew Works is holding their

5th Annual Craft Beer Festival 2013

at the Allentown Brew Works. Fegley’s will be hosting over two dozen breweries sampling over 50 different varieties of craft beer.

Fegley’s Craft Beer Festival is divided into two sessions each lasting three hours. There will also be a special VIP hour held for one hour before the first session that will allow diehard craft beer enthusiasts a chance to speak intimately with the breweries on hand. Session one will last from 1pm-4pm. Session two will last from 5pm-8pm. The VIP will be held from 12pm-1pm. VIP ticket holders will also have a chance to meet author and beer enthusiast John Holl at an exclusive book signing for his ”The American Craft Beer Cookbook”.

The event is a celebration of craft beer and a unique glimpse at the work and effort that goes into producing the varieties available. With over twenty-five breweries represented, Fegley’s Craft Beer Festival remains the largest craft beer festival in the Lehigh Valley. Rich Fegley, co-owner of Fegley’s Brew Works, said,

“Every year we get more and more breweries wanting to a part of this festival. We’ve grown from a local brewpub to a full-sized craft brewery, and this festival is a celebration of the truly local and home-grown craft beer industry. By coming together as a community of craft beer we not only celebrate the work we’ve done, but we show a singularity and support for each other that is unique and something I’m proud to be a part of.”

Along with the assortment of breweries represented, there will also be boutique vendors and specialty stores for early Holiday browsing. To compliment the festivities, Fegley’s Executive Chef, Mike Honeywell, is catering a buffet being offered during each festival session.

Fegley’s Craft Beer Festival marks the end of the Brew Works’s festival season, and looks to be the biggest festival of the year. When asked why he thinks the Craft Beer Festival seems to be the biggest draw, Rich Fegley said,

“It’s not just about the beer. The beer is amazing, but people recognize that craft beer is a movement. Craft beer enthusiasts support a great product, but they’re also ardent supporters of local business and supporting their local brewer. We look forward to this festival every year because it is a true representation of the hard work and effort put forth by so many breweries. We’ll be here year after year promoting craft beer, local business, and sustainable growth. We hope you join us.”

For tickets and more info, visit our Fegley’s Craft Beer Festival event page.


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