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Brew Works Composting Program with Rodale Institute

May 11th, 2011 | , ,

Scraps to Compost!

At Fegley’s Brew Works, we are reducing our ecological foot print and saving money at the same time by diverting food scraps and compostable material from our waste stream and keeping it out of landfills. Annually, we’ll be keeping almost a HALF MILLION pounds out of the landfills.

Over 1,120 gallons

Each week, over 1,120 gallons of food scraps are sent to the Rodale Institute,

just outside of Kutztown. The Rodale Institute have been organic pioneers since 1947, and we are proud to partner with them.

After enjoying a tasty meal, have you ever thought about what becomes of your food scraps?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average person generates 1.35 pounds of food waste per day; across the entire U.S. population, this amounts to 12.5% of the total material entering landfills. Diverting food scraps from the waste stream will not only prolong the life of landfills, but will create a valuable resource – COMPOST – that provides environmental, agricultural and economical benefits to the community.

Compost is a valuable soil additive, that enriches the soil by adding essential nutrients and organic matter, which is vital to farmers, gardeners, and landscapers to conduct sustainable operations. Essentially, food waste is not a necessary waste product; like cans and bottles, the material is of significant value if it can be transported to an appropriate location to be composted, and then can be used as a soil additive.

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The giant black garbage bin behind the Allentown Brew Works used to hold all sorts of trash from diners’ unfinished plates: wet coasters, soggy french fries, old lemons, sandwich crusts.  (Read the entire article here)


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