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Burgers Raised on Brew Works Brewer's Grains: Koehler Farm Beef

January 14th, 2011 | , ,

Fegley’s Brew Works has established a partnership with Dale A. Koehler Farms, of Bethlehem Township, and has been supplying the “Brewers’ grains” (the spent grain by-product of our brewing process) to supplement the diet of this locally raised natural beef.

“We’re excited about the benefits of this delicious beef,” says chef Jill Oman, Executive Chef of Fegley’s Brew Works, “The combination grain & grass-fed diet brings a great, unique flavor.”

Rich Fegley, the founder and co-owner who has been leading the company towards ‘greener’ initiatives, loves the fact that the cattle have no added growth hormones or antibiotics. He adds, “These Brewers Burgers fed with our grain are just awesome. Our partnership is the epitome of the local-food movement. They’re as local as we can get without raising them ourselves!”

“The fact that Koehler Farms source their bull calves from local dairy farms means that this is truly Bethlehem Beef,” says Jeff Fegley, President of the Brew Works.

“Truly Brew Works Beef!” chimes in Brewmaster Beau Baden.

The entire Fegley family is happy to work together with Koehler Farms – another family-owned and operated farming business.

Want some Brewers Beef for Home?

Contact Koehler Farms or Visit Them

4209 Freemansburg Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18020

Get on their emailer by sending your contact information to

Beef for home use is frozen and vacuum-sealed at the butcher. You can store in a freezer for up to a year, perfect for buying by the 1/4, 1/2, or (gulp!) whole animal!

All beef packages are custom cut. You say how you want your hamburger packaged, how thick the steaks should be, how large the roasts, and how much of what cuts. Contact Koehler Farms for more information and to place your order!


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