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Nutso Brown Ale released in Allentown

November 10th, 2009 | , ,

As the leaves blow merrily from the trees to the ground,
Something special is pouring right here in downtown,
And it soon was discovered, yes I say, it was found,
That even a Grinch would love Beau’s new Nutso Brown.
So come in and imbibe a snif-snofterly taste,
Get every last drop, and let none go to waste,
And unwind your unwinder when you’ve got yourself wound,
On Hamilton Street with the new Nutso Brown.

That’s right! we are rolling out the barrel once again with our newest release: Nutso Brown Ale. Nutso is 4.8% ABV with a deep mahogany color. This brew has a nutty, chocolate and caramel flavor that comes from specially selected roasted malts and finishes with a floral english hop aroma. Available at the Allentown Brew Works.

Come raise a toast! Come one and come all!

And hope you don’t find your glass two sizes too small!


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