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NEW: Brewer Beau Baden on Rock 107

June 27th, 2009 | , , ,

February 5, 2010

In NEPA we’re familiar with the recent releases from Fegley’s like Hopsulutely and Rude Elf’s Reserve, both available locally in bombers and a rare keg or two on draft at places like Coopers Scranton and Purvs. Today Beau announced the upcoming release of a barrel aged Imperial Stout (9% ABV) called Insidious Imperial Stout. According to Beau this beer will be available locally in 750ml bottles in the next few weeks and it really sounded tasty. Beau also talked about many of the other Fegley’s beers, and believe me there are quite a few we never see in our market….but we’d like to!

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June 26th, 2009
Today’s show featured an interview with local Scranton boy Beau Baden, or as the beer world knows him, Brewmaster at Allentown and Bethlehem Brew Works. Well equipped with three growlers, the guys tasted their seasonal Wheat, their HopSolutely Triple IPA and Beau’s famous aged Cranberry Lambic…a triple slam breakfast that would give Denny’s a run for their money. I’ve heard lots of good things about the Brewworks triple IPA and the Cranberry lambic, so much so that I think I’ll be taking the ride down soon to visit Beau and try some myself. For those of you unwilling to make the arduous 1-hour ride, Beau brought some good news today. Brewworks will be bottling their beers soon for distribution in Northeastern PA (that’s us), and the first beer to be bottled will be the triple IPA. I’ll be following this story so stay tuned here for details. This is also a show worth replaying on the Rock107 podcast page to tune into some of Beau’s brewing knowledge. Beau imparted some great details about how they will be bottle fermenting the triple IPA and also how he ferments and ages the Cranberry Lambic. For anyone into home brewing, there are some interesting details to be found here. Cheers to Beau and the guys…I look forward to trying some of the Brewworks beers on tap and in bottles.

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Enjoy a “live” tasting of a bottle of Brew Works Cranberry Lambic.

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