Valley Golden Ale

American Style Light Ale

Easy drinking, light bodied, and refreshing. With just the right amount of boldness and subtle complexities you would expect from this style, it is the perfect “transition” beer for guests who wish to take a small step into the world of craft brews. Valley Golden Ale has been on tap since the day the Fegley’s opened, and it still reigns as Bethlehem Brew Works #1 Selling Beer!

While it has been the gateway beer for many people beginning their exploration of microbrews, this beautiful, golden colored ale will also satisfy the serious beer enthusiast. Valley Golden Ale is a superb example of this beer’s style, and it will delight with it’s smoothness. It boasts just the right amount of character with it’s malt and hops profile without being overwhelming. Because of that simplicity, it stands out as a winner.


Beer Composition
Original Gravity1.044
MaltsPale, Carapils, Caramalt
HopsMagnum, Hallertau

Serving Suggestions

Serve in a pint glass. Pairs well with many cuisines including spicy dishes - Nachos, Wings, etc. Burger with Pepperjack cheese.

Tasting Notes

Refreshing aroma and subtle hop bitterness matched with a crisp biscuit flavor and a light bodied mouth feel.


Available year-round on draft at Bethlehem Brew Works.

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