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Tequila and Tapas!

May 5, 2016 @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Fegley's Allentown Brew Works
812 Hamilton St
Allentown, PA 18101
$35 / per guest

tequila-taps-web-button“Not Your Regular Tasting”

Tequila & Tapas 2016 is an evening hosted by Allentown Brew Works Culinary Team and a Milagro Tequila Specialist. Join us for a little taste of luxury from south-of-the-border. Enjoy an exquisite multi course tapas (small plates) menu paired with Tequilas while learning about this incredible tequila. Dine, taste, and listen. Seating for Tequila and Tapas is limited, don’t miss out on this exclusive event!


$35 / per guest, 21 & Older only. ID must be presented at the door

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Enjoy our five coursed, small plates menu paired with a sampling of Milagro Tequila.


Butlered cod fritters with roasted red pepper dipping sauce ~ PAIRED WITH  Milagro Margarita


Grilled chorizo, onions and tomatoes over a warm catalina bean salad ~ PAIRED WITH Milagro Silver


Braised pork belly, thick cut beefsteak tomato over bibb lettuce drizzled with herb aioli ~ PAIRED WITH Milagro Silver Special Barrel Select


Smoked chicken enchilada over Spanish rice, green margarita tomatillo sauce ~ PAIRED WITH  Milagro Reposado


Braised pineapple topped with grand marnier sauce ~ PAIRED WITH Milagro Anjeo

About Milagro

THE ORIGIN OF MILAGRO It started in 1998 with two college friends, Danny Schneeweiss and Moy Guindi. Danny and Moy saw amazing things happening in the creative scene of Mexico City. All around them, they saw new expressions of international sophistication, youthful energy and passionate creativity. Everywhere except tequila. Tequilas had become one-dimensional caricatures of tradition, or calculated celebrity-driven business ventures, devoid of creativity and truth. Danny and Moy wanted a tequila that bridged two worlds — the deeply rooted integrity of traditional tequila, and the vibrant, creative culture of modern Mexico City. MORE

What are Tapas?

“Tapas” are small plates or samplings. Please join us for dinner before or after Tequila & Tapas.


Tapas – Spain’s greatest food invention “Eat when you drink, drink when you eat” is the philosophy. Spanish men traditionally drink outside the home and rarely alone. They are not meant to be a meal. One tapa per person and a different one with each drink is the idea, then everyone enjoys tasting and sharing. Tapas food is real food – good local ingredients presented with flair.

The idea comes from Andalusia. It started, or so they say, with a piece of bread, soon topped with ham or cheese, balanced over a glass, to keep out the flies – the word tapa means a cover. They were once free snacks included in the price of the drink but today they are mostly ordered separately. In dim caverns, where the sherry barrels are stacked high, men revolve the wine in their copitas, gently sipping, then select a new wine from a different cask. To compare and contrast is part of the ritual. An old man may sit by the door, with a bucket of conchas finas, opening the clams slowly and to order.

It is a life less hectic than our own!

Past Tequila and Tapas Events

All-Casa-Noble-TequilaCasa Noble from 2015…

“Casa Noble… the history The Casa Noble Tradition starts from a 1700s hacienda surrounded by Blue Agave. The ways and customs of a country’s population, regardless of it’s geographic location, have a strong relation to their foods and drinks. Meal preparation and presentation, and its time to share them, have played a relevant role in how most cultures become known through out history and around the world. This is owed to the customs, traditions and sentiments found in the rituals that surround eating and drinking. A perfect example of all of this can be found in this one word: Tequila. Tequila is one of Mexico’s most significant contributions to the world. This beverage means so much to our culture, because many of our people’s highly regarded values – tradition,perfection, pureness, togetherness, sharing – these same elements were the building blocks in the late 1800s from which Casa Noble began its own quest to produce and offer tequila to the world.” READ MORE


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