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STEEL TRAP TRIVIA & Witty Wednesday

August 9, 2023 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Fegley's Bethlehem Brew Works
559 Main Street #101
Bethlehem, PA 18018

steel-trap-button-2016Questions span the entire range of humanity’s useless knowledge

Hand-pick your team and register, starting at 7:00pm, game begins at 7:30pm. Exciting news for those that must wake up early the next day.

  • Prizes
  • Giveaways
  • Gift Cards to Fegley’s Brew Works!
  • $3.50 Steelgaarden Wits
  • $4 Flavored Long Island Iced Teas
  • HALF-PRICED APPETIZERS 9pm to 11pm with your Rewards Club Card
  • No cover charge!


Back Door Bakeshop – French Roast and French Toast Muffins fresh from the oven. When you’re looking for coffee and a muffin on your way to work, or you want a healthy lunch that will also fill you up, come on in. Serving delicious sandwiches, soups and salads. Back Door Bakeshop is a bakeshop and a cafe, and everything is packaged for takeout. Next time you’re out for a walk with the pooch, pushing the stroller, or pedaling your way around town, stop by for a snack. Our walk-up window makes it so easy, you don’t even have to come inside.

The Wise Bean – Get your coffee fix in Bethlehem! From the beginning it has truly been a community affair. Lawyers, postmen, professors, meter maids – our neighbors all stop in. More than just serving incredible coffee and tasty baked goods, “The Bean” has become a catalyst to the bonding of our neighborhood through the ongoing conversations, cultural, political, and personal, of our locals and our guests.

Logo with grey glow new long titleThe Underground Lair – Family owned and operated, a true “Mom & Pop Shop” nicely hidden in the downtown area of beautiful historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We are located at the corners of Broad & Guetter Streets, in the pedestrian alley way behind Rippers Pub. Or down the path behind the Sun Inn Courtyard. Specializing in vintage toys & games, as well as pop culture collectibles. Circa 1950-2000. We celebrate all things Geek and all things strange and unusual.

Steel Street Tours has graciously donated tickets for their tours. We’re sure that Steven B0st will concoct various maniacal ways to give away the tickets, but make sure to come out and get a spot. Learn things about Bethlehem you never knew and learn some local history!

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 Using Steel Trap Trivia, I lost 15 lbs, saved hundreds of dollars and gained the confidence I needed to get ahead in today’s economy. Thanks, Steel Trap Trivia! –Dan Ford, Allentown

Steel Trap Trivia has allowed me to put to use the copious amount of severely pathetic (YET TOTALLY AWESOME) knowledge i maintain about ‘Lord of the Rings’ while also nailing almost every Ryan’s Sports Report question. Not only that–I have entrusted that the Wit has enough Vitamin C to keep a player healthy enough to endure the ridiculousness that ensues during a single game of trivia. –Dana Carey, Bethlehem

I continue to play Steel Trap Trivia every week despite my own consistently poor performance. This must therefore prove one or more of the following: 1) Steel Trap Trivia is indeed an excellent time and a splendid way to spend your Wednesday evening. 2) Hope and perseverance are the opiates of the unskilled. 3) I am secretly in love with the hilarious and charismatic hosts. Come play Steel Trap Trivia – have a great time, abandon all hope, and fall in love!  –Juggy Gales (not his real name), Bethlehem

What do you want me to add? Make it less “full of myself?” On second thought, take it down or I will. I hate when my Ego manifests. –Drake Myre (also not his real name), Allentown

Steel Trap Trivia has replaced my Viagra®. –Joel Garcia, Bethlehem

Hall of Fame

Team: Almost Racist Sandwich

Description: Ranging in size anywhere from two to as many as 6, this gang of intelligent hoodlums rarely fails to show when the smell of Trivia—or blood–is in the air. Pictured here, their two ringleaders. Distinguishing Characteristics: Bluster, confidence, loud demands to “Play the hits!” Extensive knowledge of superheroes, professional wrestling, Nineties Brit Pop, and Top 40 radio. Crimes: Playlist hijacking, exploitation of semantics One of the Big Three longest-serving teams Aliases: Blank Blank Sandwich; A. Racist

Team: Lehigh Valley Beer Run Club

Description: Averaging 6 members (though usually whittled down to two by 10:30 or so), this brightly colored, athletic group meets beforehand to jog, in order to offset the beer calories they pack on during our game. Distinguishing Characteristics: Cheerful, well-stretched, deadly in the short sprint. If you outlast them, you can sometimes snatch up the growler they leave behind. Crimes: Sweatiness, premature departure

Team: Hot(t) Mess

Description: This cheerful team is back to occasionally raid us after a long, uninterrupted spell of peace. They’re a hip bunch with wide-ranging knowledge to match. Pictured here: a full quorum. Distinguishing Characteristics: “Star Wars” t-shirts, hip glasses, ravishing red hair. Crimes: Varied team name spelling, sporadicness, theme suggesting Aliases: Electric Dream Machine vs. Chemical Toilet

Team: Stigmatalingus

Description: A model team, full of enthusiasm, if somewhat modest, as evidenced by this mug shot. Caution: they wield the Totally Stumped Pass like Sauron wields The One Ring. Do not underestimate this team. Distinguishing Characteristics: Also “Star Wars” t-shirts, Cthulhu, extensive knowledge of “The Lord of the Rings” and hockey. Crimes: Frequent theft of funniest answer, wisecrackery, excellent attendance Aliases: Bloody Human Baby Bludgeon; Bloody Human Baby Barnacle Bill’s Home Pregnancy Test

Team: [Chang]

Description: A long-serving team of low-key bandits and other hyphenated terms, their posse will frequently swell to 14 members or more—although how many of them are there to contribute is contestable. Some members will flee to the U.K. on occasion, presumably to avoid extradition. Rogue elements of the group also comprise local indie rock combo Scott Pine & the Conifers. Description: Beards, beards, and more beards. Particular strengths In Civil War history, Local Lore, “Doctor Who.” Crimes: Disloyalty (you know who you are), overuse of ironic t-shirts, secession Aliases: Drive Changry; The Big Chang Theory; Everybody Loves Lana Del Raymond

Team: The Team Under the Stairs

Description:Another of the Big Three longest <ahem> tenured teams, this gang has marked its territory with a string of victories even Timur the Lame would envy. Their secret? Well-roundedness (we guess) Who knows what they do with their comic book shop winnings, besides occasionally donate them to charitable causes. Distinguishing Characteristics: High alcohol tolerance, mellowness, knowledge of sociology, good memories, several degrees Crimes: Waste of perfectly good comic book shop gift certificates, tricking hosts into drinking Prairie Fire shots, defrauding Medicare Aliases: Under the Stairs, Biden Our Time; Under the Stairs, Looking For a Corporate Sponsor; Oh, Kate, Where Have You Been? These Other Guys Are D****es

Typhoid Mary & the Waffle Stompers

DescriptionIn semi-retirement, this fresh-faced team is one of the Big 3 going way back with us. Alas, that much knowledge just can’t be contained, and they’re currently in diaspora mode. But when they make it back, they … well, they’re still all smiles. Distinguishing CharacteristicsPhotographic, photogenic, scream-y. Extensive Local/American Revolution knowledge. CrimesDistraction, soul-stealing, spilling on the pool tables. Known AliasesNone

Team Awesome

DescriptionBehold, the Team sometimes known as Awesome. Many have gone by that name, but none return nearly as often as this team of cagey, red-eyed devils. Be warned: NEVER request “Call Me Maybe” within earshot. Distinguishing Characteristics: Dungeons & Dragons, forensic sciences, chemistry. CrimesWitchcraft, attention to detail, telling off beers***s, minor racketeering Known Aliases: Sick Assad World; Meth Heads Bobbing For Apples; Team Awesometitties

Borderline Epic

DescriptionYou think this is big? This is just the team’s Honor Guard. Comprised of meet-up participants who developed a taste for Trivia, this brigade of players from all corners and walks of life came on the scene in mid-2012, racking up an impressive list of silver and bronze medals. So far … Distinguishing Characteristics: Enthusiastic vigor, scrupulous honesty, occasional fawning, shoelessness. CrimesRequesting s****y pop music, shaking the ground, Tyranny of the Majority Known Aliases: Borderline Melancholy; Stay Borderline, Lehigh Valley; Color Me Epic


Description: Kirkman is back, after—oh, what is it—a three-year absence? They’ve all finished their probation, community service, and gunrunning now, however, so expect big things from these ruffians. Distinguishing Characteristics: Relentless advocating for more sci-fi (Is that possible?); gentle difficulty with–yet dogged tenacity at–questions of baseball; a kind of unflagging cheerfulness Crimes: Theft of plutonium, being Replicants, violating the Prime Directive. Known Aliases: Kirkman Strikes Back; Kirkman: The First Avenger; Kirkman: The Winter Soldier

Hart Attackers

DescriptionDyed-in-the-wool Trivia lovers, no matter what town they’re in, this family-oriented team typically gets here earliest and often leaves the latest. (That’s a compliment.) One day, they’ll take down their arch-nemesis (you know who you are.) Distinguishing CharacteristicsKnowledge of sports, classic rock, nursing. Sky-high tolerance CrimesLiver self-abuse, some envy. AliasesMy Teammate Sucks

Dr. Mike + the Electric Sheep

DescriptionA relatively recent, yet dedicated, cadre of fanatics. While we’ve yet to pinpoint which one is Dr. Mike and whither the Sheep, we do know this much: he’s a real doctor, not the evil kind. I’unno—physics, maybe? Distinguishing CharacteristicsPossibly too easy-going. Seriously, these guys need to start arguing with us more. CrimesHumorous t-shirts, criminal conversation, failure to get their girlfriends out for Trivia. Known Aliases: Dr. Mike + the Electric Sheep featuring Capt. Mark and Nickelodeon Doug

Sugar K. Bear & the Fancies

DescriptionThey’re a newer team, and as of this writing they’ve yet to place, but that hasn’t daunted this plucky trio who, well, obviously aren’t afraid to bring in reinforcements. Distinguishing CharacteristicsPiercings, expertise in Disney movies, good at helpful suggestions. CrimesEndangering couches, stacking empty glasses ludicrously high AliasesThunder Muffins Strike Again

Steel Trap Trivia from Primer on Vimeo.

Past Steel Trap Trivia Prize Sponsors

Jay & Brian’s Excellent Video Store – Buy, Rent, Sell! 4,500 DVD titles and growing with regular DVD rentals for just $1 per night! They do their best to keep the oldies available, because you love the classics and they do too! Come check out their large selection of your old favorites!

The Gas House Dance Hall – The Gas House Dance Hall was established in 2013 to provide quality dance instruction, performance opportunities, and wellness initiatives.

Blondies – Designer Cupcakes. Blondies is located in Catasauqua’s Downtown Business District. We are family owned & operated, and are born & raised in this wondeful town. We are not professional chefs, and we don’t have culinary degrees, what we DO have is a passion for Yummy Cupcakes & Wholesome Honest Foods. Being half Irish & half Slovak we couldn’t help but add some delicious ethnic food to our menu. It would be such a shame to see these wonderful recipes die out. Our family looks forward to seeing yours, & remember you can always contact us on our facebook fan page Blondies.

The Attic – A unique vintage clothing store where you can buy, sell, and trade your clothes and get one-of-a-kind looks on any budget. Because they are buying and trading directly with you, they are able to sell the latest name brand styles and the coolest retro looks for much less! The Attic is the most stylish thrift store you’ve ever seen! It’s quick and easy! Bring in your cool stuff and receive cash or store credit for the items that The Attic can resell.

Julia’s 4 Season – All Seasons Consignment Boutique!

Blind Willow Book Shop – A fantastic place to shop, located at 412 Chestnut St. in Emmaus. Check out the cool video about the shop right here.

Civic Theatre of Allentown – The Lehigh Valley’s only year-round source for independent, foreign and arthouse cinema, Civic is also home to professionally-created community theatre, and will produce the Lehigh Valley premiere of Rent this season.

Wired Cafe and Gallery – Featuring a variety of craft-roasted, fair trade, organic coffees and expertly prepared espresso drinks in an inviting downtown location. Perhaps the best lattes in the world!

Shuze – Offering you an exciting, fun and new shopping experience! You will find brands and styles you’ve never seen, and some names you know and love. Shuze has some great looks with Frye, San Miguel, Nicole, All Black, Poetic Licence, BCBG, Hunter Boots, Fergie, Simple Shoes, Me Too! and more.

The Wise Bean Coffee & Espresso Bar – “A small gem of a coffee shop, tucked away in the North Side of Bethlehem…”

Spa Soleil – We will customize a package to suit your needs! Corporate Packages and Customized Wedding Packages available. Call us for details. Also, ask about our Gift Certificates.

LaRose Boutique – A family owned & operated business established in 2008 in downtown Bethlehem. Providing unique, affordable, high quality natural and organic bath & body products that are great for your skin, yet earth friendly. They offer in-store sampling of most products so you can see for yourself the benefits of natural and organic skin care! Please stop by and say hello at 85 East Broad Street in Bethlehem, PA 18018 between Center and New Streets.

Tallarico’s Chocolates – Opened November 2004 in Southside Bethlehem. Brian & Deborah Tallarico, bring to you creative, delicious, chocolate confections with a Tuscany influence. Stop in to experience the magic of chocolate and you’re sure to get a smile, a sample and a story from the Tallaricos.

Verbeke Martial Arts Academy – A traditional martial arts school dedicated to the advancement and growth of quality martial arts training in the Lehigh Valley through the practice of Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) and Kobudo (Okinawan Weaponry).

UnderWired – Owned & operated by Lisa O’Brien, is your ultimate source for quality & authentic vintage clothing in the the Lehigh Valley specializing in women’s clothing from the 1920’s up to the 1980’s. Featuring: menswear, jewelry & accessories for every budget, consignment items by local artists including: DreamJeans, Beat Red Designs, La La La, Ben Franklin Pawlowski & Bag Anne.

Home & Planet’s – 5,000 retail store features home furnishings and gifts made from recycled, found, organic and other environmentally beneficial and socially responsible materials. Best seller is furniture made from Bethlehem Steel I-beams.

The Chocolate Lab – Owned & operated by Arlene Brockel. Freshly handmade chocolates prepared daily make this store a unique delight. Arlene has the uncanny ability to make her creations memorable both to your eyes & to your taste buds.

Dreamscape Comics – Largest selection of comics & graphic novels in the region! Monsters & Horror · Pulps – The Shadow, Doc Savage, High Adventure, etc. Books, CDs, Movies–new & used. Toys, Action Figures, Statues, Bobbleheads, Lunch Boxes, Games, Cards, Supplies & More!

Compact Disc Center – Specializes in music cds, as well as concert and video dvds. A vast selection of new and used music cds, including a genre from rock to classical and everything in between. Also a wild selection of gifts and novelties; from magnets to stickers, from tapestries to jewelry, from incense to buttons, as well as band flags and also various kinds of posters.

Hookah Turka – Offering different types of Hookah flavors, fresh brewed teas, fresh squeezed juices, fresh fruit smoothies, Mediterranean finger foods such as Tapas, Turkish Panini, spreads…boreks, and freshly baked cookies; pastries. In short…lots & lots of yummies. Check out their menu pagefor details.

Franklin Hill Vineyards – “A Finer Wine Experience” This Family owned and operated winery has been in business for over 20 years. The oldest of the Lehigh Valley wineries, Franklin Hill Vineyards is a small, secluded winery located in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains.. Inspired by You Lifestyle Studio Their Bethlehem studio offers a full-service salon, skincare services, waxing, massage, natural nail services, reiki, yoga, and a boutique featuring local art and unique gifts.


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