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Beer Haiku Contest

June 21st, 2011 |

Write the best beer Haiku (17 syllables total in three phrases: with 5 syl, 7 syl, 5syl). Examples will be collected, posted online, and 2 winners get 4 club seats and VIP Parking to the Iron Pigs! Check out submitted entries below, and submit yours on any of our location’s Facebook pages (on their wall as a comment) today for a chance to win.


Brew Works Family
Has the best micro-brew beers
In Eastern PA

Sustainable and
local menu options, their
beer gets you drunk, too!

Old Allentown Ale
Tastes much better than how the
Old Allentown looks

Cold Beer does not care
To each mouth and tongue it’s fair
any thirst it’s there!

Barley, hops and rye
Brewed to golden water crisp
Nectar of the gods

Allentown Brew Works
Nestled in the Queen City
Best beer in this town

Big Bad Barley Wine,
Brewmistress is their to dine,
Number 9 is doing fine

Craving a good beer.
Local, strong, it hits the spot.
Brew Works, five o’clock.

So what’s better than
Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works?
Burrito Works, bitch

beer haiku contest quenching gulps
smack of delightful praise
share with friends in peace

Full pints satisfy,
Smooth creamy and delicious,
Good head will be mine

Brew Works in Summer
cools me down all season long
with amazing brew

The Cold Beer
Frosty filled cold glass.
Fresh hops drizzle against lips.
Life is good today.

Thirsty Donnie D
Want monkey monkey monkey
Ra-chill bring to me

Feg’s Amber Lager
Insidious Space Monkey
Devious comes soon.

Grain, Hops, Water, Malt
Beau at Brew Works combines them
The beers make me smile!

I can never frown
When brew works is down the street
Everything is good


Slowly sipping suds
Blueberry Belch on my tongue
A smile on my face

A cold ESB
Paired with ten blast furnace wings
Perfect: fire and ice.

Worldly possessions
Insidious and nachos
I am in Heaven

Where can we find beer?
at Brew works is the answer.
all days of the year.

Arctic Alchemy
Wow. There is nothing better
Next Batch Soon?

Bethlehem Brew Works
Where I meet all of my friends
to forget my worries

Frosty frothy pint
A unique tasty delight
Perfect any night

Hopsolutely mine
Nor will I ever share you
I want a T-shirt.

A hot summer day
Blueberry Belch in my hand
Hey, there’s the mayor!

On the Green

The best beer all year
Space Monkey, Blueberry Belch
BrewWorks I heart you!

Barley, hops and rye
Brewed to golden water crisp
Nectar of the gods

Let’s play golf and drink
the best beer that we all know
Hit the green in two

BrewWorks on the Green
Joy by bottle, tap, and food
Now I’m in the mood

The foam slowly rises
Mouth wet with expectation
Time can be so cruel


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